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I was 16 when I first stepped into the second largest city in the Philippines to venture my remaining hopes in life; to find my dreams. Without anything at hand but my intuition that one day I can do my best for my family.


God led me to the right path. I met the man who was not only my saviour but my inspiration. He moulded me into a better person. He gave me hope and motivation that poverty isn't a hindrance to success. Indeed, I achieved more than I hoped for.


Upon typing this, I can't stop my tears falling down my cheecks. For 7 years of looking after him, he taught me humility. I always remember what he told me, 'hold on to your dreams and when your hopes shatter in debris, just don't stop, don't shirk from the task and don't falter, do the best that you can and be proud of yourself; proud of what you have achieved.


One day, as I was resting after work, my husband came home unexpectedly from work (my family rung him first because they knew that I will be upset and would want somebody to be with me when I was told the bad news), he held my hands and as he looked at me, I could tell what he was about to say,. My benefactor had gone. It was as if, the globe had stopped turning. I was speechless because I knew in my heart that I can't hear his voice again.


I went back home to the Philippines on the next day. As soon as I arrived in Davao, I rushed straight to his house. I saw him, lying in the coffin. I froze, no words came to my mouth, all I did was cry. Four days later, he was laid in his resting place. Although he's gone, he is still in my heart and thoughts. Letting go of a person to whom you owe what you are is extremely hard and excruciatingly painful.


Boss Chief, wherever you are, I want you to know that you are well missed by me and everybody who loved you. Saying thank you is not enough to express my gratitude of what you made of me. With you, I learned the most important thing in life; Make the most of every opportunity, share what you have and don't expect something in return.


This entry is a dedication to the first anniversary of my benefactor's death. Thank you for reading. Please include him in your prayers.