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CHARLES SECOND YEAR WAS FULL OF SURPRISES AND ADVENTURES. HE TRAVELS TO MANY DIFFERENT PLACES AROUND THE COUNTRY. He loves being outdoors, learning cricket, rugby, running and football, seeing hounds, and enjoys flying. After dark, or when the weather is bad, he loves listening to music, reading, drawing or painting, cooking (on his toy cooker!), watching his favourite videos and TV programmes (Thomas the tank Engine!), and causing mayhem. Among his favourite phrases are `the trouble is ....', `I didn't, mummy!', 'certainly not', 'I think',  and, very unfortunately, `tickle Daddy'.

Charles at 13 months learning how to hide things but not yet having discovered how to do it when Mummy's not looking.

Charles at 14 months

 Charles at Duxford Imperial Museum VIP Lounge, reading the Air show program

Charles at 16 months, much to Mummy's consternation, developed a love of flying

At 17 months, and the start of mink hunting season. Charles renewed his acquaintance with his old friend Carver

At 18 months, discovered to his absolute delight that grapes grow in Daddy's garden.





At 19 months, deciding at an early age that he want a career as super model.

At 20 months. After a visit to a local zoo, showing that he can recognize the picture of a monkey in the book. Photo taken in our backgarden

At 21 months, and like all boys of his age unable to take his eyes off the pretty girl on the television

At 22 months, trying to decide whether he can get away with the wicked thing that he has just thought of doing. Photo taken in our front garden

At 23 months. Enjoying his favourite meal of sausages, rice and peas. In the glass is cranberry juice, but he might like to pretend it was wine.


Charles at 2. Just learning to ride a bicycle.