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 July 2007

The Royal International Air Tattoo is held every year at Fairford, in Gloucestershire. It is an essentially military air show, the proceeds going to a Royal Air Force charity. Aircraft come to take part from many different countries throughout the world, but predominantly England and her reasonably close friends. Apart from the opportunity to see a lot of unusual military aircraft at close quarters, there is also a superb flying display, weather permitting. This year, the weather permitted handsomely: it was a glorious day.


A Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft flying past

Bizarre radar installation on an Embraer Legacy

New recruit. But his feet were too short to reach the rudder pedals.

The Indian Air Force provided a Sukhoi Su30, together with a far larger petrol tanker!

The Beech T-1A Jayhawk was converted from the civilian Mitsubishi Diamond.

The Spanish Eurofighter made a lot of noise!

Turkey sent a pair of two seat F-5B conversion trainers.

Fearsome artwork on the side of this Tornado

Oliver, Charles and Jason in front of the A-7 painted like a tiger!

The Bell P-39 Airacobra had flown in from Duxford, shortly after completion of its restoration.

The highly bizarre shape of an F-117. The arrangement of flat panels is carefully designed to minimise radar signature.

The US Air Force brought over their aerobatic team, the Thunderbirds, which fly F-16s.

The Mil Mi17 is roughly the Russian equivalent of the Sea King. It is a highly capable machine.

This Italian S61R Sea King  sported a very lively colour scheme for the occasion.

Someone Small being introduced to a Dutch Apache helicopter gunship

The CH-53 is one of the largest helicopters around. Something to be cheered about (!)

Our friend Jason, equipped for action!

Czech trainer, the Aero L-159.

Former RAF trainer, the Bulldog, painted in rather optimistic markings!

Heroically painted Greek Lockheed Hercules.

The Folland Gnat was the original mount of the Red Arrows aerobatic team, but is now retired.

Team of Jordanian Extra EA-300s.

The ubiquitous Red Arrows put on their usual spirited performance.

One or two civil aircraft manufacturers brought samples as if it were a trade show. This is a German Extra 400.

Venerable Falcon 10 VIP transport for the French navy.

Once the world's biggest aircraft but now fourth; a Lockheed Galaxy.

Bombardier CC-142; that means a Dash 8 in military colours.

A French TBM700 VIP transport

Czech transport, the Let L-410.