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A Flower Festival in Winter!

All Saints' Church in Melbourn decided to celebrate Candlemas (the purification of the Blessed Virgin and the Presentation of Christ in the Temple) by holding a Winter Flower Festival. This might seem rather optimistic, at a time when only snowdrops are really in evidence in the great outdoors. But with the aid of greenhouses, florists and a little bit of kerosene, a very creditable display was produced. Of course we all remember that this was the origin of the Nunc Dimittis: `Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace'. Well, Charles came to the flower festival so peace was out of the question. Fortunately we got there before anyone else.

Montage from the Wind in the Willows

Spring Wedding arrangement

`Bearing Gifts' ... from three wise parishioners!

Arrangement of candles for Candlemas.

Floral representation of a cheerful fireside .... complete with cat!

Winter garden including dwarf daffodils, violets and an early paschal rose. And decorative Ivy!

Collage of winter flowers

Snowman, cunningly made from feathers and white roses. Someone wanted to play with the feathers....

....and play on the sledge! (despite absence of snow)

`If winter comes, will Spring be far behind?'

Cascade of winter flowers over the font.


`The aisles may be glad thereof ' (!)