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Saturday 23rd August 2008

In Aid of  The University of Cambridge Veterinary School Trust's HOPE APPEAL for the Cancer Therapy Unit

Newmarket is one of the premier flat racing courses in England. There are two courses: the July course for Summer meetings, and Rowley's Mile for the winter. The route of the July course follows the line of the Devil's Ditch - an ancient earthwork built as a defensive measure to deter invasions of what is now Cambridgeshire from what is now Suffolk! (Visible in the fourth picture). There were ten races during the day. The amount Ivy won was equal to the amount David lost, so the day was more or less successful! Some of the races are televised; the cameraman has to be adept at walking backwards without bashing into anyone.

Inside the Tenth

At the Parade Ring, where the horses are walked round for prospective backers to assess just before the race.