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23 JULY 2008

Cherry Hinton Park was created from the grounds of Cherry Hinton Hall. It contains a very wide variety of mature trees dating from its time as a Hall, and many more modern sculptures, carved out of the wood of trees which had died. It is a relaxing place for a calming stroll.


27 JULY 2008

Grime's Graves is a Neolithic flint mine, dating from somewhere between 3000 and 2000 BC. There were many mine shafts, each one having many tunnels radiating from it along the flint seam. Flints were mined for shaping into axe heads, arrow heads and very much more recently, flintlocks for muskets. The flints were dug out using picks made from the antlers of deer. We went with Victoria, a schoolfriend of Charles, and her father Bernard. It entails going down a shaft around 40 feet deep. The tunnels are very shallow - hard hats are essential, even for the smaller visitors!

The heath around Grime's Graves consists of classic Chalk downland. Butterflies of many types are abundant, as are chalk flowers. We enjoyed exploring the area. Charles then requested a bow and arrow! This gave us an excuse for a shooting competition; we had several rounds, which gave everyone a chance to win at least once .... before the rain started (well, it is an English summer after all). It was a very enjoyable, relaxing time.