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Morgan is one of Charles' best friends from his nursery school. It was his birthday in February; the party invitation said, `come as your favourite super-hero!' There was a very creditable range of costumes. Among the best were, of course, the celebrant himself, and a certain little monster who went as a `power ranger' ......


`Pin the tail on the donkey'

Lots of things to make a BIG mess! (Charles with Morgan)

.... then rush around consuming energy.

When a ball was brought out, the children converged on it; some started playing rugby, and others soccer .... at the same time!

Then it was time to eat.

Batman cake!

One, two, three ... BLOW!

Pass the Parcel

Pull a string .... any string. But only ONE releases the door and the sweets ....

What's under the parachute?

And the conclusion was a group of very tired, but happy, party-goers.