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Warwick Castle dates originally from Norman times, since when it has been extensively extended and improved. It remains one of the best preserved castles in England. In addition, there are lots of activities to keep visitors entertained, including (but not pictured here, because it was raining at the time) an exhibition of how to fire a trebuchet, and flying exhibitions by birds of prey.

A peacock, obviously delighted to be photographed

View from the highest tower, down to an exhibition of archery outside the gate.

Warwick Cathedral, seen from the castle

The oldest tower, standing on top of the original Norman mound, enhanced.

The original Norman keep, from inside the curtain wall.

On top of the wall: Rosa, Toni, Zennie and Ivy.

Ivy (with a tower growing from her head), Alex and Toni.

Ivy & Zennie on the curtain wall


Looking out over the city.

Tableau of mediaeval castle life

Being serenaded with mediaeval music over lunch

Stringing a bow

The state rooms

The state dining room

Getting dressed, 18th century style.