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22 MARCH 2008

We visited Windsor, which is just west of London, on a cold, windy Easter Saturday. Windsor is one of the oldest castles in Britain, having been founded in the 1080s by William the Conqueror. It is also one of the largest, and has been a Royal residence for 930 years.  Unfortunately, photography is not permitted inside the public areas, which are very sumptuous and filled with outstanding works of art. But we hope a few exterior pictures will give a small flavour...

At the entrance. The old Round Tower in the background.

Fountain at the foot of the Castle Mound; in classical castle design, this would have been in the moat (which Windsor never had).

Looking up the Castle mound to the Round Tower.

Budding Guardsman

Four of the Castle Guard marching to duty. Note the grey winter coats.

State entrance to the main apartments, in the Upper Ward.

Statue of Queen Victoria outside the Castle entrance.

In the driving hail in front of St George's Chapel.

Trying not to look totally frozen!

Waiting for more snow to fall

Backs to a driving gale!

At the entrance (photograph by Charles)

St George's Gate

Sublime to ridiculous. Looking from the castle to Eton College chapel; Slough power station beyond.

About to have lunch (photograph by Charles)