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Thursday, 1st of July 2004                                                                                                                          

I've just taken a brief tour of your website. Not bad! I assume that you haven't loaded all the photos yet, because I can't open the one with me in it. Or is that just a plot to stop people looking at your sister.

From: Philippa (Cebu Philippines)

Thursday, 1st July 2004

Hello Tol, Nice Web. Congratz! Love you tol, God Bless.

From:  Cecile Lozada (Davao City, Philippines)     

Wednesday, 7th July 2004  

Ivy, after you text me I did visited your website. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view it, I am really proud of you, of all the success....you still are the gorgeous and beautiful Ivy which I keeps on boasting with all the people I meet, I know you never change you still are the way you are.

Jane Hutchings (Hove, East Sussex, England)

Saturday, 10 July 2004 

Hi Iv's, I saw your website and it's nice to see a beautiful place everywhere in the world and your nice poise even though you have a baby already you are still sexy. Best regards to your husband and kid.

Elvira Robson (Jaro, Ilo-Ilo, Philippines)

Saturday, 10 July 2004  

Hi, this website just keeps on growing. Every time I look there's something new on it! Hope everything is ok over there. I'm in Vietnam at the moment. Love to all

Philippa Eleptico

17 July 2004   From:

By the way the web site looks very good!!!!!                                                   

Donatello (United Kingdom)                                 

21 July 2004  From:

Hi, hello friend-it's nice to view your website it's beautiful and impressive. Thanks for sharing to everybody your nice family bonding.

Bea (Philippines)

25 July 2004  

I really enjoy looking at the website. How do you find time to update it so regularly? Well done!

David (United Kingdom)                                                                                   

31 July 2004 

Hi Sis, I love the website! Very impressive! Especially the bold colors that you used. You are a busy Mum and yet you managed to update it regularly. Love it a lot. Keep it up......

Joan Inoc (Davao City, Philippines)

4 August 2004                                                                                  

Interesting update. Well done. I'm looking forward to the sections on England too, when they are available.               

Well wisher    

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