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21 September 2004

Hi! Ivy, I am Frank, married to a very nice person and have two lovely sons. I am from Malaysia. I had the chance to chat with your sister, Joan and the way she was chatting with me made me feel that she must be a very nice person. I asked if I could see her pic and that's how I got to your web site. She is a very nice person indeed and you seem no different either based on the way you have written about your family. You seem a very nice and caring person too. It also tells me of a very decent and closely nit family. I was impressed and I told your lovely sister about it. She then said that I could drop a few lines here if I wanted to. So that is why I have done this. I wish for you and all your family members this. " MAY ALL THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE COME your way ALWAYS " God Bless Bye.

Frank Dass (Malaysia)frank_knarf77@yahoo.com

23 September 2004 

Hello guys, congrats for the job well done. I am planning to design my own website, could you please give me some  advice on how to start. Many thanks. Hope to hear from you.

23 September 2004

Hi this is Alan from Bicol, Philippines. I am impressed the way this site was being done but just a bit dissapointed when I browsed the Philippines page. There is just a little bit of information. Maybe add something about the culture and a few more photographs of the different places, perhaps text as well. If you want I can send some pictures, ie. Baguio City. Just like what you did with England page. I learned so many things about Britain. I am fascinated the way it's being wrote. Well done David.

30 September 2004  From:

My friend and I enjoyed browsing pictures and reading stories of your lives in your site. I hope you will be featuring more of the different places of the Philippines like Boracay in Aklan, Palawan, Bohol, Baguio, and among others.

The site is good though I think an animation will make it better.  

Bhong X. Daniels----Friends of Lenette---

2 October 2004

Hi dear bestfriend, Knock...Knock...Visit na naman ako sa website nyo....nakisilip lang... I really enjoyed exporing ur website...so cute, so nice and bongga jud kaau... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!muaahh...muahhh...muahhhh... Love you and miss you very much....!hope to see you soon... I will send u soon the pic of my daughter...        from, Arnel, Caroline and Ixchel

2 October 2004

Hello Iv's, many happy returns.  I gathered from your sis that you were at Oxford on your birthday.  Anyhow the website is looking very good. You might wonder who am I?  Will send you a separate email for some chika, not sure if this will goes through your personal email add or directly to your site. I am not good in computer. For the meantime, give my best wishes to David and kiss to your very handsome little boy. 

4 October 2004

Very nice and informative site. Many Thanks


4 October 2004

Hi Ivy, last night I was surfing in a website about the Philippines. As I read through the content of the guestbook I noticed that you put your homepage add. It really intrigued me so I browsed it. It was such a great experience. Salamat kaayo. Love to hear from you.  


7 October 2004

Hello day Ivy. Silingan ta sa Malabuyoc. Ambot lang kung kahinumdom pa ka nako. Almost ten years ago takang last nga nakita. Pagkagwapa na baya nimo. Dili gyud ko makatuo nga ikaw na ni. Nagkita mi sa imong ig-agaw sa syudad ug gihatagan ko niya sa imong website. Pagkagwapo sa imong bana sad uy. Ug ang imong anak kacute nalang. Mamalita dyud ko pag-uli nako sunod simana. Daghan kaayo ka ug mga kaila nga naa nagtrabaho sa syudad, akoa gyud silang dalahon sa Internet cafe para mutan-aw sa imoha.  Balita nako mouli man daw ka sunod tuig? Managad pa kaha ka kung magkita ta? Hangyo lang ko, please ayaw baya ibutang akong pangalan ha kay maulaw man gud ko sa akong Bisaya. Nindot kaayo ang inyong website. Balik-balikan dyud ni nako ug tan-aw.

8 October 2004

I am a very lonely person probably because I'm always hesitant to talk to anyone. Anxious that they might not want to talk to me. My parents died very recently in a road accident. I am left on my own. I know very few people at work one of whom told me about your homepage.

Ivy, you are a role model to someone like me. Very courageous and have a strong will power. I think I know why you choose a Social Work as a Profession (after reading you and your family's life story). David you must be a lucky man. I envy you for having a woman like her. Good luck to both of you and very well done indeed for making your website such a great fun.

From: Cambridgeshire

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