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12 Jan 2005 10:23:37 -0000

Hello Ivy, David Charles and Georgina
A friend introduced me to your website, so here i am touring the wonderful photos and reading your story. I am amazed by your intelligent yet warm messages. I wish you goodluck and goodhealth always.. by the way, it was Girley dela Cerna who introduced you to me. i am currently
working with her at Childrens Rehabilitation Center.Give my best regards to Charles and tell him that he is very fortunate to have a mom and dad like you and David. Keep up!Ate Dadai

percinita j. sanchez (percy56@yahoo.com)

12 Jan 2005 11:22:48 -0000

I am currently in my last year at college studying history. We are required to make a research study about the history of a certain country. A friend of mine told me about your website. I find it very interesting because you have captions that tells the story of a certain pictures especially the England bit. Everything I need for my research is in your website. I willtherefore ask your help and support with my project, please.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Many best wishes,

Jessica Velasquez(sweety@eudoramail.com)  

13 Jan 2005 05:06:06 -0000

Your sister Joan introduced me your website.Ang ganda ng website niyo siguro ang  mahal ng pagpa published niyo dito.May kapatid din ako diyan sa U.K isa siyang nurse.Don't worry miss Ivy
i will try to recommend your website to my sister if i have enough time.Minsan lang kasi kaming makapag internet kasi ang daming waiting eh.Sa computer room lang kasi kami ng school namin nag iinternet bihira lang kasi may vacant dito eh sa dami ng estudyanteng naghihintay.Ang ganda talaga ng website niyo.Keep up the good work.



13 Jan 2005 04:56:11 -0000

I'd like to congratulate you as the best web designer that I've ever known...Your website is awesome. I'm EJ Joan's classmate.When i was surfing the net nakita ko ang homepage niyo kaya tiningnan ko.Hindi ko alam na kapatid ka pala ni Joan.Nakita ko kasi ang picture niya when I click SISTERS kaya kinabukasan tinanong ko siya..Na amazed talaga ako. CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN!

Eric James Tuazon


13 Jan 2005 04:47:27 -0000

Good to all of you.
Im Brian, Joan's friend.I found your website very interesting.By the way im from Cebu but I study here in Davao.Job well done to you Ivy...Keep it up...Good luck to your career and God Bless you and your family.

Earl Brian


13 Jan 2005 04:39:24 -0000

Hello po,
Classmate po kami ni Joanavi na kapatid niyo.Hiningi ko lang po sa kanya tong website niyo kasi nakita ko na maganda at interesting pa.Alam mo ate Ivy pareho kayong maganda ng sister mo na si Joanavi.Ang galing niyo pong mag design ng website.Pwede na po kayong maging web designer.Ang cute pala ng anak niyo ha kamikha ng daddy niya.Sana po pag umuwi kayo dito sa Davao makita ko kayo in person...Wag kayong mag alala every time na pupunta akong cafe titingnan ko tong website niyo.God Bless po and Have a bless day!!!



13 Jan 2005 04:26:57 -0000

Hi Ate Ivy
I'm Flor from Davao city.I'm one of your sister's friend Joana. She told me to visit your website.First time ko pa lang nakita na amazed na talaga ako.Napakaganda talaga ng website mo.Aside from maganda interesting pa.I wish that one day may ganito rin ako kagandang website...Thank you for allowing me na makita tong website mo ate Ivy ingat po kayo..Ang cute po ng babby niyo kamukha mo...Cge po till then!!!!



14 Jan 2005 05:58:35 -0000

Hi I'm Louie,
 Im from mandaue cebu. Chatmate kami ni joan. She invited me to visit your website. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view your exotic website.
Happy New Year.

Louie Ople

14 Jan 2005 10:29:36 -0000

I visited your site a few months ago, but couldn't find a guestbook. Then I introduced it to my good friend. Apparently he is Ivy's sister's chat mate. Last night he rung me and said that your site has been revised. I was intrigued. And indeed he is right, it is much more interesting. I liked it's layout. Very nicely done. I also noticed that Ivy's started to write, what a talent. I love your story. Is it a true to life story Ivy?  CONGRATULATIONS!!! VERY WELL DONE!


16 Jan 2005 03:00:34 -0000

Hi there....
nice website, kalain uy wla koy picture si asi lang...anyway miz yah.....love yah tol... God bless!!!



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