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16 Jan 2005 03:09:23 -0000

hallo tol,
grabee.... amazing web na gyud ba. i really appreciate...take cre and God bless!regardz... with your family...



18 Jan 2005 12:51:05 -0000

Hello Ivy and David,

I view your website sometimes and it's always amazing and look great. It's really nice the places around the globe and nice people with it especially for both of you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful side in your everyday lives. Have a nice day. God Bless always and more power to your website. Keep up the good work.

Malabuyoc, Cebu


18 Jan 2005 14:57:43 -0000

This is the most well informed personal website that I came across. It is so amazing how you update it so regularly when you are both working and having a two years old son. Believe it or not I have been browsing dozens of personal homepages but I find your site way way more
interesting. This is the first time I even sign a guestbook. I am fascinated of Ivy's story. It is so touching, it made me cry. I will surely recommend your site to my friends, family and colleagues at work. Please keep it up!!! Many thanks for entertaining me.

Yours sincerely,
Mary Anne

19 Jan 2005 14:18:21 -0000

Hi Ivy and David,

You have such a nice and informative site.  I really enjoyed looking around.. thanks!!! I wish you both more happiness together!!!

God bless you!!!



20 Jan 2005 15:41:51 -0000

Great site you got here... i enjoyed browsing...keep it up...by the way, thanks for signing my guestbook at jnieberg.com

Regards & God Bless..


20 Jan 2005 23:01:28 -0000

salamat sa pag sign mo ng guestbook ko. sana maglagay ka rin ng web add. thanks and i'm going to visit your site again.



21 Jan 2005 20:03:06 -0000

Hi!Everytime I surf the internet ,I always visit your website.It is very good.Regards to your family na lang.I have a friend from Davao as well I even show it to her.She is from Mati-Davao.

Maria Cristina Soriano

(lalasoriano@yahoo.co.uk )

22 Jan 2005 16:29:26 -0000

it's great! wanna extend my congratulations to all, esp. the Golden-Wed couple. a wishful thinking that you both could have the same celebrations too! i wish you good luck, with prayers...pics are well taken!


24 Jan 2005 12:04:48 -0000

It's remarkable!!! I'm happy for your parent's in-law, they're a very good example and a role model in today's society. I wish them both a very good health... I'm looking forward in attending the same celebration (you and David) one day. Hi to wie sorry didn't text him back, I will next time... Wakie you look gorgeous in your white gown, very sexy too... love to all...

Jane Cervantes-Hutchings

24 Jan 2005 16:47:47 -0000

I happened to be sitting beside a gentleman in the internet cafe who was looking at your homepage. Naintriga po ako when I saw the beautiful photographs of Ivy in the Golden wedding pages. Kaya hiningi ko yong website address ninyo. You look extremely elegant with your dress. Ang ganda po ng kuha ninyo. Nagmomodel po ba kayo? Ay sorry po, nakalagay pala na, that was your first time na nagpose nang ganoon. You know what para pong, you have a very natural talent in modelling. Don't be shy, you look stunning, believe me po. I am a photographer here in Cebu. I did weddings and various different functions. I am fascinated the way you carry yourself in front of the camera. Ang ganda din ng smile nyo, very seductive.

By the way you have great site. The presentation is awesome. I liked best the England pages, the way you divided it into different categories. Very professional.

Daghan salamat ug maayong adlaw,

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